Parish and Diocesan Finance

The closure of our church buildings for over three months has obviously had a significant impact on parish finance, with no opportunities for holding fundraising events and the loss of casual donations. The Diocese of Norwich is projecting a shortfall of around £3 million against a budget of c£12.3 million. This will inevitably lead to a reduction in the number of stipendiary clergy that the Diocese is able to support, so, as people retire or move out-of-Diocese, they may not be replaced. We anticipate that this will be the case for HON when Fr Christopher and Fr Michael finally decide to retire. (The current cost of supporting 2 full-time equivalent clergy is £131,000 [stipends, housing, pensions and on-costs] and HON is currently contributing a little under half of this figure.)

The appeal here, then, is probably obvious. If you are a regular worshipper within the Heart of Norfolk Group and are not already giving by Standing Order, please do consider whether you are able to do so. If you give ‘by envelope’, have you been able to keep up your donations during lock-down? Please do contact your Churchwarden or PCC Treasurer to discuss this in confidence.

Clergy never feel very comfortable asking people for money, but the impact of COVID19 may mean that we are facing an existential crisis.

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