Call for help

Billingford  St Peter wall collapse

The heavy rain we’re all having to cope with has caused the collapse of a large section of the boundary wall at Billingford St Peter, exposing several feet of churchyard which is also at risk of collapse. We have a specialist making a site visit today or tomorrow to make recommendations about (a) immediate making-safe/shoring up; (b) restoring the wall with either contemporary or traditional materials.

EIG are saying that this is not covered by the Church’s insurance, as it is ‘slippage’ rather than storm damage. Most of our regular readers will know that there is no longer an active PCC at Billingford, and little or no income.

We are in contact with Archdeacon Ian and the DAC (Caroline Rawlings) for advice and looking into grant-making bodies that may be able to help finance this work.

If you, or your PCC, feel able to make a donation (Billingford PCC), please send c/o The Benefice Office, 48 Holt Road, N Elmham, NR20 5JQ.



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