Rector's letter

“It’s been incredible…..the most amazing experience I could ever have possibly imagined”.

I wonder as you read those words what comes into your mind? Who said them and what were they describing? Was it the first man to land on the moon perhaps? Was it someone who had successfully undergone life-changing surgery against all the odds?

Those words were, in fact, spoken by a young Dad who had witnessed the birth of his first child. The young Dad was Prince Harry whose wife Meghan had given birth to a baby boy.

 Harry, probably more than anyone else in the world, has experienced amazing things.  More than any young person, Harry has cause not to be surprised by anything; he lost his mother in tragic circumstances when he was only eleven, he has served in a dangerous war zone, he has travelled widely and seen situations and people that most of us will never see and yet the birth of his first child causes him the say “It’s been incredible….the most amazing experience I could ever have possible imagined”.

The wonder of ushering a new life into the world engenders feelings which are quite beyond our normal experience and not only for those who are parents. Someone born today could easily live to the year 2120 and that should make us reflect and question. What will they experience then? What will the world be like? What would we want them to experience and to enjoy then?

The parents of new born babies often remark “There’s more than just us two who went into making this amazing bundle of love”. And so there is. God’s amazing providence!

From the beginning of time it has always been God’s plan that the world and everything in it should be in harmony with Him and He rejoices when we acknowledge that and work with Him as His agents in the world. In essence this means that we are to acknowledge His sovereignty and to cherish all that He has given us. If we really do that those born today need have no fear for the future of their world in 2120 and beyond.

Enjoy the summer and our wonderful God-given world.

Fr Christopher

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