Worthing News - February 2021

Armed with a hot cuppa in one hand, pen in another to begin drafting this article, and before I press the button to send off to our editors, I look out of the window to the glorious sight of snow.

Now for many of us, Christmas just slipped by with perhaps just a gentle nod to celebrating Christmas, but this morning - mid January, with snow falling steadily, it FEELS like Christmas!

Try as you might, in Worthing, December started positively with for the first time we held a Christmas Raffle. Congratulations to our winner's Chloe, Geraldine and John who received their prizes. A bottle of Champagne, Christmas cake and Mulled Wine. With St Margarets Church, like many which is currently open for private prayer daily, our community raised a fantastic £250 and this will go towards meeting our running costs and sustain our church. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to this event.

Due to the covid restrictions, our traditional Christmas Carol Service was, again a first here also, began with a simplified service held outdoors in the winter's Sun next to the Holly Tree. Adhering to social distancing, twenty adults and children arrived to sing a few of their favourite carols, and of course starting with "Gabriel's Message," the arrival of Mary and her new born Jesus.

But as we drew closer to Christmas, families in Worthing woke up on Christmas Eve morning witnessing and dealing with their homes being flooded. The riverbank could cope no longer with the build up of excess water and burst. Up to eleven homes endured varying levels of severe damage to their homes and no electricity.

Some parishioners moved to the first floor of their homes, others moved out to temporary alternative accommodation. And some took refuge in St Margaret's to boil a kettle and charge up their mobile phones etc to make emergency calls.

The clean up, repairs and restoration will take several months but amongst this scary moment, parishioners helped and supported each other and ensured everyone was safe. In times like this, Worthing is at its best when we help and support each other.

And so as 2020 continued to challenge us all, we pray that 2021 will bring renewed hope and that all will be well.

Our doctors, nurses, scientists, all medical, care and emergency staff are also challenged on attacking the covid virus that currently threatens our well-being, we are all very thankful in the way we help and serve each other.

Let us look forward to Spring and Summer when we can meet again, safely.

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